vtssview not working

vtssview not working

I can't see to get vtssview to work after attaching to a running service, below is the output from my run. I'm running W2003 R2 on a I69.

C:\\>vtssrun log -a 9296

C:\\> dir log

Directory of C:\\log

11/17/2010 09:21 AM .

11/17/2010 09:21 AM ..

11/16/2010 12:58 PM 13,935 436-9296.vtss
11/16/2010 01:33 PM cache
11/16/2010 12:56 PM 126 history.log
11/17/2010 09:21 AM 188 ModuleAssociationCache.xml
11/16/2010 01:33 PM 582 vtdpview.log
11/16/2010 01:03 PM 38,912 vtscgdata.db
5 File(s) 53,743 bytes

3 Dir(s) 29,801,582,592 bytes free

C:\\>vtssview log -p

Intel Performance Tuning Utility version 4.0 Update 3

Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved

Call graph view:

No data to display. Make sure you run the application for at least a few seconds


If you apply a filter and no data is displayed, try a more general filter.


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Hi there

For Statistical Call Graph - please use our new product Intel VTune Amplifier XE


We do not address any Statistical Call Graph issues in Intel PTU anymore.


Hi Julia,

Thanks for the response. I was using Amplifier-XE, but I need to attach to a running service (which the product currently can not do). So that's why I was trying it in PTU.

I'm not sure how to proceed.


Hi Peter,

Amplifier does attach on Windows.

i just tried attach (while on WinXP) and Hotspot collection and it works :)

(was attaching to firefox that was already running at the moment i attached to it..
you can not define to attached to the process that is not running yet - this is not supproted (yet) )

or may be you are referring to Amplifier Beta where smth doesn't work.

or you are trying release bits?

i saw you asked similar q-n on Amplifier forum - unless this example with firefox helps you - please push that question on Attach there - attach to the running process should be working


Hi Julia,

Firefox is not a service, you can attach to that non service process - try attaching to a service.

The reason that i'm here is the note below from the AE group (MRAnderson):

"I suspect that none of the "Algorithm" analysis types will work with a Windows* service, since these types all perform some kind of binary instrumentation of the modules. Especially in more recent Windows* releases, there is a lot of security stuff that will probably keep instrumentation of services from being allowed. Which version of Windows are you running this on?"

btw - i'm using AE 2011 which I think is the released version as it just came out last tuesday.

thanks again


you are right - i missed that you are talking about a service.

But in this case no chances that PTU will help here - Amplifier and PTU use similar technology in this regard.

(Of course - you can use event based sampling - but this is not what you want, i assume.)

i can try more info for you tomorrow and update here.


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