PTU 4.0 Crashes Server2008 RC2

PTU 4.0 Crashes Server2008 RC2

Every time I run PTU 4.o it crashes Windows Server 2008 RC2. I installed it following the installation directions and the output of "sepreg -i" appears to indicate it installed correctly. Crash dump alternates between ntoskrnl.exe and tcpip.sys.

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When you say "crahes"=="blue screen"?
What is your CPU?
What collection do you run?

E.g. can you pease send the output of
/bin/vtsarun -cl

When reporting OS crash problems it is essential to let us know what CPU you are running on.
A good way todo it is to provide vtsarun -cl output as Juliasuggested above.
Most likely you faced the issue documented in the product release notes with workaround.
Please checkif it helpsand report more details about your system if it does not.

Here is the release notes (/RELEASENOTES.htm) extract:
Sampling collection problems and limitations


  • On some Intel Core i7 processor-based systems with C-states enabled, sampling may cause system hanging due to a known hardware issue (see errata AAJ134 in To avoid this, disable C-states in BIOS (e.g., via the Cn(ACPI Cn) report to OS option) before sampling with Intel PTU on Intel Core i7 processor-based systems [#DPD200149603].

Apologies and thanks for the help. The processor is a Xeon X3470.I can't get the CPU info from the "vtsarun.exe -cl" because it crashes. Any PTU tool I run crashes the OS. Yes crash = BSOD and the BSOD provides no information. Running vtsarun.exe without any parameters provides the help output but if I try with ANY parameters it crashes. I had already made the change from the release notes regarding c-states and that did not help either.

Would you please provide us minidump(s) for your BSOD(s)?
We think we found some issues that may cause this problem.

Two files - one with the tcpip.sys crash and another with the ntoskrnl.exe crash.Thanks for any help.- john


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