PTU and VTune with Remote Analysis

PTU and VTune with Remote Analysis

Hi,I have installed Vtune on 2 Linux computers (Debian Lenny, kernel 2.6.26-1-amd64), one with the Vtune Analyser only (PC1), the other with the Collectors only (PC2) to do remote analysis.On the PC1, I have installed the VTune plugin to my eclipse (Option 2 "Integrateto" in Eclipse Options menu).On the PC2, I have installed the driver for Vtune, the vtserver ...I can do remote analysis on the PC2 from the PC1, all it's OK for VTune ...Now, I would like install PTU : I would like integrate the PTU plugin too my eclipse on the PC1. And I would like install the PTU driver (and others binaries if I have need) on the PC2 to do remote analysis with PTU.This is possible ? How can do this ? I don't find any documentation to do this.Thanks, nicolas

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1. Installation
Make sure you use the newly posted PTU. In this case it is possible to install both PTU and VTune drivers on one PC without a risk to breakone ofproducts. Follow instructions in /INSTALL.txt

2. Remote analysis with PTU
/user_guide.txt explains how to use PTU for remote analysis. It requires more manual job comparing to Vtune.
The use case in brief:
- configure sampling in PTU GUI by selecting needed events and their modifiers
- press "get command line"
- edit it and run on your remote host
- convert experiment on thecollection host
- move it to analysis host and open in GUI
All details are in the chapter 8Collecting and Analyzing Data on Different Systems of PTU user guide.

3. Having both VTune and PTU GUI in one Eclipse
For reasons explained below I advise to use each product with its own Eclipse/JRE. If you badly need it use following instructions on your own risk.
Both VTune and PTU are distributed and tested with their own Eclipse and JRE.Currently they are diffirent.There is a chance thatPTU work with Eclipse/JRE that goes with VTune, however, we do not test and do not support this. To try this you should separate PTU files from Eclipse/JRE files they bundled together with* and integrate PTUas an Eclipse extension**.

*General algorithm for such separation:
- ls /eclipse/features/*
it will print smth like /
if you use PTU 4.0 U3 than the build number is 608 ( value)
- create
- copy from to everything besideselipse subdirectory
- copy/eclipse/.eclipseextension to /eclipse/.eclipseextension
- copyfrom /eclipse/features and /eclipse/plugins all sudirectories that end with and all files that end with .jar

**google for this information ("add Eclipseextension" or"manage Eclipse extensions"). It is eclipse version specific and can be done either via Eclipse GUI or via service files. The best choice depends on your needs.

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