vtdpview question

vtdpview question

Hi, so I've just started working with the performance tuning utility (on a 64 bit redhat machine), and I'm trying to determine some of the cachingbehaviorsof my application. So far, I've run "vtsarun -d60 -em " and then I run vtdpview on the .tb5 file that was generated. When I do that, nothing really happens all that prints out is intel's copyright header, nothing more.Am I doing something wrong?Thanks for any help with this

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To use vtdpview you'll need to collect rightsampling events - specifically precise memory events or latency events. You'll also need to pass '-dl' option to the vtsarun to enable data access information collection.
For example, to collect basic data access profilinginformation on Core 2 systems you'll need to run following command:

vtsarun.exe ${experiment_dir} -s -dl -ec INST_RETIRED.ANY_P,MEM_LOAD_RETIRED.L1D_MISS,MEM_LOAD_RETIRED.L2_MISS --

For Nehalem systems where we have latency eventsit could be:

vtsarun.exe ${experiment_dir} -s -dl -ec MEM_INST_RETIRED.LATENCY_ABOVE_THRESHOLD_0 --

Also please consider using PTU GUI - it contains predefined collection profiles including basic data access profiling and more advanced memory access ones.

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