PTU can't determine my processor

PTU can't determine my processor

I also get this error. I just installed PTU 3.2 with vTune 9.1 on W2K8-R2 with NehalemEx CPUs.
The installation instructions said to NOT replace sepdrv.sys with the one in the PTU directory when running this version of vTune.

I get a slightly different error when running: sep -el -info 4

Events Manager could not be initialized...Check to make sure the appropriate Events XML files are in your system path


Next I tried: vtsarun -el -v

Events' list requested:
Initializing cpmu info ...
PISE_open() call ...
... successful
... done!
detected: Unknown,Unknown,74,132838
SERA_set_platform_environment() call failed : ret = -1

Failed to determine current processor! Unable to continue.

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There is a chance that you misunderstood installation instructions.
I suggest you to read them more carefully.
Same driver can be used and shared by Vtune and PTU only in case of exactversions mentioned there (VTune 9.1U1 and PTU 3.2U1).
Otherwise prior to using each product you should load its own driver.

The sep utility actually told you what to do in order to fix it.
You should add pmn.xml location to the PATH environment variable.
write a script sep.bat that does it:
set PATH=%~dp0;%PATH%

vtsarundoes not work either because proper sampling driver is not loaded or just because this version of PTUdoes not supportyour CPU.
This can be see from vtsarun -cl -xml output.

You should have something like this (label='Unknown' is bad, also product does not include pmt.xml):


There is chance that new public version that supports this CPU will be released in the end of spring or in the beginning of summer, however, it is under question.

If you subscribed to appropriate Intel NDA program and got your machine and its terms you will get the version of PTU that supports this CPU much earlier. It was recently released internally and probably already uploaded into NDA products area. Just ping your contacts and tell them you need this new version (4.0U1). Besides supporting new CPUs it frees you from all these installation tricks related to co-existence with VTune.

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