PTU not recognizing VTune license?

PTU not recognizing VTune license?

I get the following error when I run Performance Tuning Utility. Note that I have a valid VTune evaluation license with 9 more days on it.

  Command: C:\\ptu\\ptu32_001_win_ia32\\eclipse\\plugins\\..\\..\\bin\\vtssrun.exe "C:\\ptu3.2wspc\\pancake_compress\\Basic Statistical Callgraph (2010-02-12-07-35-20)" --interval=10 -- C:\\pancake\\v3.0\\pancake-short.bat

Notice: Your evaluation license to PerfAnl will expire in 9 days.

License file(s) used were (in this order):
1. C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Intel\\Licenses\\w_vt_comHZLGSJ7M.lic
2. C:\\Documents and Settings\\Mike\\Application Data\\Intel\\Licenses
3. C:\\ptu\\ptu32_001_win_ia32\\bin\\*.lic

Please visit to obtain license renewal information.

Driver initialization failed

Stop request has been processed..

Is this a licensing problem or a driver initialization problem?



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It looks like it is not a licensing problem, but how can I get diagnostics for why Driver initialization failed?

This is definitely a license issue.

Please tell us where you put your license and copy/paste here its content (it should have something similar to date).

> cd C:\ptu\ptu32_001_win_ia32\bin

> install_sep

The last must be executed by administrator ("run as administrator" on Vista and later systems).

If you driver installed properly you must be able to execute successfully the following commands:

rem list of supported cpus

> vtsarun -cl

rem list of supported events for current cpu

> vtsarun -el

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