PTU on eclipse, setting environment variables

PTU on eclipse, setting environment variables

For an profiling experiment with auto application launch, is it possible to set the environment variables for the run (on Eclipse I am talking)? It should be obvious, but I can not seem to find it, sry :(


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The main answer is:
Unfortunately it is not possible.
A possible workaround isto wrap an applicationinto script that does it and point it as an application to launch in GUI.

Alternatevely it is possible to copy from the profilemanagement dialog the commands to execute ('get commands' button), execute them in some script, then import experiments into the GUI workspace/project.
In case script creates experiment(s) right in the project directory it will be in the Tuning Navigator windows just after pressing F5 (refresh, the TN widows should be active).

note (just in case):
For convenience and robustness reasons it is not recommended to group under one project experiments generated on the same application after it was recompiled. It may disable comparative analysis. For example, you will not be able to compare two source views. When you have several projects you can setup their search directories to point exactly the needed version of application.

thx Konstantin. These are very useful and convenient workarounds.

Out of curiosity, what is the reason (other than practical) why such feature is not available on PTU/Eclipse?

Sorry for the late reply. For some reason forum notifications constanntly fail. Well, the reason is simple: PTU rather concentrates on enabling powerful tuning methodologies than on polishing infrastructure stuff. Sooner or later the most useful PTU features will migrate to real Intel products. It is likely that there will be more convenient infrastructure.

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