PTU: How to display additional fields in Eclipse

PTU: How to display additional fields in Eclipse

I really like the Eclipse GUI for PTU. I've been noticing, however, that more information is available in the text output than in Eclipse. For example, for a basic statisticall callgraph (vtssrun/vtssview), there is the 'total' and the 'self' time for each function. When the same results are imported into Eclipse, only 'self' will show up. Same with exact callgraph (vtcgrun/vtcgview):in the text output,there is the 'total time' and the 'number of calls' for each function. When brought up in Eclipse only the 'number of calls' will show up.

Is there anything that can be done to display the additional columns?

Those numbers are kind of related and need to be viewed together.It is hard to judge a function based on the number of calls alone. Some other number is needed: either self-time or total-time -- to put itin context.

-- Nick

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Hi Nick,

Answering your question first -you can not display additional columns in PTU GUI Statistical Call Graph view.

But, in fact, in this view PTUalready presents the same information that available in text view.
The top view is a combined hotspot and hotstack view. 'total' and 'self' data are presented for each function in "Samples"column, depending if thefunction shown asa hotspot or shown at the middle of a stack.
The bottom view is a graph view and itreports 'self' and 'total' metrics for a focus function.

I suggest you look into user_guide.pdf document that comes with PTU package. Section 6.4.3 Statistical Call Graph View exactly explains all those GUI views.
If after reading this you will havequestions - i can clarify.

Also, please, note - the 'self' and 'total' data are not number of function callsbut just number of samples that either occurred in a function orhow many timesa function "has been seen" on a stack.

Hope this clarifies.


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