PTU problem

PTU problem


I installed PTU 3.1 on Fedora Core 9.
The sampling module was built successfully and loaded into the kernel.
When running the vtsarun I get the following error:

# ~/ptu31_003_lin_ia32/bin/vtsarun d7 -s -d 60 ./demo_10_2
vtsarun.bin: config_n_control.cpp:582: signed int TBSInitDriver(): Assertion `dwConfigID == 0' failed.
/root/ptu31_003_lin_ia32/bin/vtsarun: line 29: 6566 Aborted $binary "$@"

Any idea?


Etay Meiri

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What kind of machine/processor are you using?

What kernel are you running?


To verify if vtsarunrecognized processor correctly:

vtsarun -cl

it outputs the list of supported processors.
The "local" processor(according howidentified) is marked with * (at first position).

Check if this matches with what you expect and let us know.


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