Can PTU analyse the L2 cache missing in phase time during application is runing

Can PTU analyse the L2 cache missing in phase time during application is runing


I am using the PTU to analyse the application now.And I found that it was very powerfull.But I still have some problems in using it.I want to use the PTU to detect the cache missing in a specifically time zone.for example,can PTU find out what time the event of L1 cache missing happen with high frequency during the application is running?I have kown that the PTU can displays the memory allocation graph view in the time range.Can it do that in the Data Access Collection?

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While the time stampcounters are collected in the tb5 file, the time data is not accessible through the PTU tools at this time.

You could import the tb5 file into the VTune analyzer and view it with that.

What are you actually trying to do. I assume you are trying to look at the time distributionfor a specific reason


Thank you,Levinth.What I want to do is "dynamic optimization" in compiler,to catch this goal we must know that when and where the L1 cache missing,L2 cache missing were happen.I just know thatthis "time phase detection"is available in Vtune of Windows version(I don't try it,it is other people told me),but I can't find it in Linux version.

If the Vtune and PTU can't do that neither,I just think another ideas to catch my goal~

Thank you again

Theover time feature is disabled in VTune for Linux by default. You can enable this feature by defining VTUNE_OVER_TIME environment variable before start VTune.


Thank you ,Alexander!

I add the "VTUNE_OVER_TIME=true" in the environment windows,but it does not looks likes work.

Can you tell me how to do this?

Thank you again

By the way.I don't have the root prerogative,so that I add the "export VTUNE_OVER_TIME=yes" to my account .bashrc file,and launch the Vtune in GUI,but it seems does not working.

Which version of VTune do you use?

This feature was implemented in VTune 9.0 update 3. All older updates have it

I have got it now. First,I use the older version of vtune,I use the vtune 9.0 updata 1 for linux,but the Sampling Over Time is available for vtune 9.0 updata 4 ,I updata my vtune to the newest;Sencond,I add the VTUNE_OVER_TIME in a incorrect way,the right way is "export VTUNE_OVER_TIME=1".And it works.

Thank you,Alexander

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