cacheline contention issue

cacheline contention issue

Hi all

In cacheline view pane,

1) Could you tell me definition of cacheline contention in PTU?
for example, If thread-1 access(read? or write?) a cacheline and thread-2 also access the cacheline,
a counter for contention increase a count. right?

Is it equivalent thread contention?

2) I've read your published paper "Parallelization Made Easier with Intel Performance-Tuning Utility"
I don't know how to collect contention. What CPU event relate to collection of cacheline contention?

Thanks in advance.

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1. A cacheline contention value is equal to the number of references made at this line by the thread with the second most reference count at this line.
Wedefinedsuch way this metric in Intel PTU.

2. If you run Basic Data Access Profiling - this metric will be automatically shownin Data Access View.
As you can see from above definition - we defined a contention here as a calculated metric. There is no a single event for it. All collected events related to memory references contribute to it.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Cacheline contention is different from thread contention.

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