Can I use vtssrun command in a paused mode?

Can I use vtssrun command in a paused mode?

Hi all,

I'd like to get collecting data for specific code regions.

So I did execute the collector(vtssrun) in a paused mode, but it didn't work.


$ ./vtssrun ./exp -p -- ./a.out

Perform Statistical Call Graph data collection on the specified application


What is the specified application?

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usage of the pause, resume and stop options for vtsarun are discussedon page 16 of the user_guide.pdf

see page 21 for vtssrun

what exactly are you trying to do?


Thanks levinth

I'd like to start vtssrun(i.e. statistical call graph profiler) in a paused mode.

I followed up page 21 of the user_guide.pdf.and tried it, but it was not worked properly.

It just printed help message

$ ./vtssrun ./exp -p -- ./a.out

what do you mean by collect data for a particular code region? collect data for an entire binary. The pause lets you pause collection if all you enter is what you have typed won't collect anything..because all you did was pause collection


what are you trying to accomplish?

what do you mean by "region"

I believe I understand a bit better..

if you start the SCG collection in paused mode per the documentation you get an error message



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