Event sampling fails on Linux?

Event sampling fails on Linux?

On RHEL4 from the 2.0 GUI, "Basic Statistical Callgraph" works fine, but provides limited diagnostic information. But "Basic Sampling" and "Basic Data Profiling" fail with the following messages in the Console:

Duration (sec): 0

Failed to perform sampling collection!

Custom configurations with Event-based sampling fail in the same manner.

Please help a new user get started. I assume event-based sampling is supported on Linux...?


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Same behavior on two systems. Now getting this error message:

Failed to execute vtsarun command: rc = 2, Failed to extract the list of supported processors!
Make sure the sampling driver is loaded and you have sufficient permissions to utilize the tool.

Suspect an installation problem. Will continue to investigate.

Suggestions appreciated.

This is the usual message when your vtune driver has failed. For example, you may have rebooted, and the driver failed to restart. Assuming that your initial installation was successful, you can correct this by returning to the vdk directory in your installation and running insmod-vtune (as root).


This looks a bit like you do not have a valid vtune license on the machine. This is required.

Please see


see pages 27,28,34,35,36


Removing and reinstalling the driver as per the installation and usage guide did the trick. Not sure of the cause, but may have been a conflict with a previously installed VTune driver.

Thanks for the assistance.


The drivers change from time to time. VTune and PTU use the same underlying collection SW, but various versions of PTU and VTune will not always be consistent due to these changes. Be sure to uninstall and reinstall drivers if there is a question..

Glad this worked


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