PTU - Use with MPI?

PTU - Use with MPI?

Just wanted to see if anyone had tried using PTU with an MPI application? I'm particularly interested in whether I can get MPI to launch PTU on each node of a cluster and then get PTU to execute my application. I realize I can login to each host for a run and profile what's going on with the host, but I'm curious about getting the profile done in a complete "batch" mode in order to allow profile jobs to be submitted to a cluster being managed by a queueing system.

I will try this, but just wanted to see if I anyone might already have some experience with this.

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Sorry..I posted a response but I guess I did it wrong


PTU (EBS collection) works fine with MPI. It is an exit requirement. For an MPI run on a single machine I always reccomend putting the invocation into a script to ensure that the environment is correctly set. For collecting data on the entire cluster I reccomend launching PTU on all the nodes using the command line invocations (thus creating an "experiment directory" for each node, for a fixed time period, (longer than the run of the application)and then starting the mpi invocation. The command line tools can then be used to identify slow nodes..and the difference utility (highlight 2 experiments and select compare) can then show with functions are causing the differences. I will add a document elaborating on this soon.


Thanks. It sounds like I was on the right track.


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