PTU - Initial Impressions

PTU - Initial Impressions

I just started using PTU for profiling of a commercial simulation (finite element) code. I am testing on 64-bit Windows (XP) and Linux 64-bit x86.We have struggled with VTune for a number of years, and so far PTU is making a very good impression.

Overall I think this is a very good effort, and I'm very happy to see Intel making this tool available.

Things that are particularly appealing.

(1) Sampling-base call graph profiling. The efficiency is very nice.

(2) Command line interface, especially for collecting data. We often want to gather the data in a batch mode and then look at the results later or come back to them. When we come back we sometimes want to use the GUI, but sometimes we want to feed the results into a script, etc. We can do this with VTune, but it is cumbersome. I was able to get what I wanted out of PTU very easily.

I saw a post from another new user indicating that the GUI was slow and complicated. I have not done a lot with the GUI, but it is a bit sluggish although better than VTune. I have not found it to be overly complicated, but I'm only using it to look at the data. So far, I'm always gathering data from the command line.

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