Processor terminates with big files

Processor terminates with big files

I was evaluating how Intel XSLT processor works with big files and encounter a problem with it. It's crashes without any information.For test I used documents generated by xMark utility and some bogus transformaiton which converts names and content of the document.In attachment you can find following files:out00.xml - is converted normallyout01.xml - crashes during conversionxMark.xsl - is test stylesheetI used following command to run the processor:soaexslt2.exe xMark.xsl out01.xml result.xml

Downloadapplication/zip xMark.zip3.66 MB
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Thank you for your interest in the XSLT processor. As this processor is bundled within another product,I will report the problem you found against that product.

At this time,I do not have an estimate as to when this problem might be addressed.



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