Should providing a URL (instead of a file path) for the stylesheet work?

Should providing a URL (instead of a file path) for the stylesheet work?

Part of the FAQ of the XSL mailing list is the stylesheet When I enter that URL at the command line with Intel's XSLT processor (i.e. calling it with

"C:ProgrammeIntel SOA Expressway XSLT 2.0soaexslt2.exe" test2010031601.xml


it crashes. Should providing a URL for the stylesheet be possible?

When I download the stylesheet to a local file and then run it with Intel's XSLT processor it works fine.

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Hi Martin,

The command line program has limited support for URLs for stylesheets and document files. The program will attempt to resolve URLs starting with "http:" through a socket.

Do you have a proxy between your machine and the internet? You can try setting the proxy address in an environment variable:


Substitute your proxy name and port number for the names shown above.



No, there is no proxy used. Should I get an error message when a URL can't be resolved or any problem occurs with a command line parameter? I get Windows showing an alert dialog that a problem has occured and that soaexslt2.exe has to be terminated (with that usual option to report the problem to Microsoft).

Hmm, it looks like using a URL for the stylesheet won't work right, but you can use a URL for the document. On my machine, when I specify a URL for the stylesheet,the program runs for a while then terminates without outputting anything. It appears this situation isn't handled gracefully. I'm surprised I don't see the alert dialog you see.

Given that this program is essentially a demonstration and evaluation platform, I'm uncertain about when or even if we'll fix this. The intention on release was to enable users to develop and execute everything locally. It's not so convenient, butfor the time being at least, you'll have to avoid using URLs to fetch remote stylesheets.

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