Routing Issue

Routing Issue

I have included "Roue" element from the Palette in my service proxy project. Based on some elements in the WSDL, i need to route to different URI. In the Route action, I have done Message from Receive.
In Invoke, under Routing tab, I have included dynamic routing.

Issue now is, In routing.route, I need to add XPath expression. WHen i add, I cant see any XML elements in Toolbox. How to get the data from Receive WSDL?

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Hi,Could you specify Service Designer version you are using.As workaround we can assign Receive as Input to Route Action Builder and then in Policy one can directly type in required XPATH, If you are not sure on XPATH then in Route action builder you can use Toolbox to genrated Required XPATH and copy same in Route Policy.Let me know if this helps.

I have 3 different routes to be routed to different inputs in request. But in that Route policy, there is a single textbox. How can I specify 3 different routes?
So, I used Routing.Route.

Im using

Hi,We need to add XPATH manually on to the table,Please find Sample applicaiton attached,This should clear most of your consern.-Vikrant


Downloadapplication/x-gtar DynamicRouting.tgz710.75 KB

Thanks Vikrant. I have done the same thing in my project.

Im getting this error,
CacheObj[soae-cache:///routing/LDAPAuth/Routing/routing-policy.xml] in State[Updated] failed with detail[xPathRoutingEntity(0x2aaaacd87e40 , XPathExprCollection count: 0 , EPRCollection count: 2 , MatchReference count: 0): intel::cbr::rtc::xPathRouting::xPathRoutingEntity::compile(): XPathCollection: addExpr() : Catch a intel::cbr::Exception, Not support QName]

Hi,You are correct this looks like route policy issue,Could you send me your application or routing/LDAPAuth/Routing/routing-policy.xml Policy.~

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