Design / Deployment questions

Design / Deployment questions

We recently purchased ESG and am trying to migrate ~500 workflows from a legacy product. Most of them are similar workflows but I want to keep them in separate packages - so I can deploy/undeploy separately.

We were planning to use one workflow as a template and generate the various workflows from that. Questions/Concerns that we have:

a) What is the foot-print of a bundle (.tgz) when it is deployed in production we plan to deploy ~500 bundles what will be the footprint of that and how much memory would be need on the VM to handle that ?

b) Can we reduce the size of a deployment bundle (.tgz) the bundle seems too large and has source code, etc can this be reduced ?

c) Does the size of a bundle/number of bundles loaded affect performance. With 500 bundles loaded will that change the performance ?

d) Does the master-slave config work across data centers as well ? OR does the master/slave need to be on the same LAN and we would need a single master per data center (we are planning to deploy this in multiple data centers)

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Hi Nilaysheth,

We're usually pretty familiar with our customer's setup and requirements. Which customer are you and we can better advise? Also what is the legacy service you're moving from.


We are from HP

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