Newbie question

Newbie question

Hi, I installed the product yesterday and about 8 hours I am facing a problem, probably silly, but I can not go forward.

The error I get is that invoking the resource proxy "Failed to classify input to Workflow".Does anyone have any idea what could be?

I searched on and obviously site but have not found anything ...

Thanks in advance


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Hi Emiliano,

Thanks for sending in the question.

The message Failed to classify input to workflow means that SOAE has recieved and examined your input message but that it cannot decide which workflow to send the message to for processing. I would need to see your app bundle and sample input message to diagnose further.

I will show you an example though, which should help. In Services Designer (SD) right click on your project and choose:
Properties > Intel SOA Expressway > Classification Rules tab > Click on a Rule to open it.

Here is the default classification rule for our sample application:


and soae2:get-message-metadata()/md2:message/md2:httpMessage/md2:transport/md2:httpRequest/md2:uri/text()='/'

and soae2:get-message-metadata()/md2:message/md2:httpMessage/md2:transport/md2:httpRequest/md2:headers/md2:header[@name='soapaction']/md2:field/md2:value/text()='""'

What this XPath means is that, to be processed by the workflow, your message must contain the following three things:

SD generates classification rules itself based on the WSDL you supply or one that we generate internally. The rules allow incoming messages to be routed through to the correct workflow. Imagine if you had two or more workflows in an app bundle and no method of determining which incoming message they should deal with.

You can "cheat" by setting your own classification rule as "true()" which will allow any input message to go through to your workflow.

Let me know if this helps.

Hello Pete,first of all, thanks for the prompt response.As I said in my first post of this thread I am a novice regarding this product, I read the documentation but I am left with many doubts.

Proof that I do is very simple: I have a WCF service and I'd like to use Expressway as a proxy between the client and service, but I can not get it working :-(

To show you what I try to do i record a short screencast : you very much !!!CiaoEmiliano

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Hi Emiliano,

Thanks for taking the trouble to send the screen cast, very helpful.

When you set up the SOA Expressway proxy, you used the WSDL, presumably from the WCF service. That means that SOA Expressway is looking for web service requests to send onto the backend WCF service (an HTTP POST with a SOAP Action and Envelope).

However, the browser would have sent through an HTTP GET request with no message contents so the first time round SOAE doesn't know how to classify it and the second error releates to SOAE trying to send message contents to the WCF backend when no message contents were recieved in the request.

I suspect that when a WCF service is set up either the WSDL or service metadata is exposed via an HTTP request from a browser. Is that what you were expecting to be shown in the browser window?

To fix the problem you can use SoapUI ( to import your WSDL and generate a valid SOAP request to send to SOA Expressway.

To get SOA Expressway to advertise WSDLs to browsers then I can send instructions or put them up in the Forum for you.

For more information on SOA Expressway and WCF working together view this entry from Boris K's blog:

He uses curl to send messages in this example.

Let me know how it goes.

Hello Pete,
now it works :) your post was very helpful to me!

Thank you very much

Ciao ciao


No worries, glad to be able to help.

Let me know if you have a specific project you are thinking of using SOA Expressway for.


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