Intel SOA Expressway

Intel SOA Expressway


Wehave requirement to support application which has Intel SOA Expressway and Biztalk in it. I am looking to explore myself in Intel SOA Expressway, I have already requested for Evaluation version of expressway. Can any one help me finding right resource to start learning software development aspects of intel SOA Expressway.


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The evaluation version of SOA Expressway contains documentation in the install directory. You can also download complete documentation from the same portal as you download the evaluation software from.

The most useful manuals are the Services Designer Guide which will show you how to configure messaging workflow and policy in an app and test it. The Web Interface Guide will then show you how to upload and deploy apps onto the SOA Expressway Server runtime.


In addition when you're in the customer portal have a look under the workspaces tab for Quickstarts and Videos that you can download. These give a great introduction to using and developing on various parts of the SOA Expressway products.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the quick response.

We have not yet installed evaluation version in our environment, Actuallywe have submitted a requestfor evaluation version, andwe gotresponse requesting to arrange call with our system team. We are inprocess of having that call.

I can go through the documents and videos once we got evaluation version installed, but meanwhile can you pass me the portal link which you have mentioned in your response (whichhas expressway documentation).

Also if the productcan be directly downloadable and Installable byourself, please do pass onthat URL too.



Hi Suresh,

We need to get you setup on the portal so you have a login account to download. It sounds like this will be arranged for you during or after the call. Once you're setup you'll receive an email with the account details and a link to the portal.


very important info.Thanks for the post.

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