Intel SOA Expressway

Intel SOA Expressway

Anyone who has worked on Intel SOA Expressway? i want to get more info on this product. Does this used for Mortgage Domain ? Does this plays vital role like Biztalk?

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I'm a pre sales engineer on Intel SOA Expressway. Have you visited the following websites to get more information on the product?

We can send data sheets and white papers on the product as well or I can have an account manager contact you regarding evaluating the product.

We have use cases for finance and banking. I also believe we have been involved with mortgage messaging, although I was not directly involved in that.

Depending on the usage of SOA Expressway, we can and do play vital roles, similar to Biztalk.

What are your requirements?


Where can I get access to the Intel Expressway manuals (for a competitive evaluation). The various datasheets and whitepapers referred above are not enough.


Hi Jacques,

What area of the world are you in and I can have someone contact you and arrange the manuals?



Hi Pete,

thanks for taking care

I am in France and contact thru e-mail is very welcome: jacques.talbot at



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