Using Ant with Services Designer

Using Ant with Services Designer

Having setup SD with an ant build script to deploy the application I have one remaining task to automate but I cannot see any built-in SD specific ant tasks.

Is there a way that I can call the export SOA deployment bundle wizard (for example, DeploymentBundleExportOperation) from an ant task? If not, are there any plans to add some ant tasks?

Alternatively, if I create my own custom ant task, what Intel plugin class do I invoke?


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I've forwarded the specific request about using ant onto the SD developers for a response. Something you may find helpful is the headless bundle build:-

There's a JAR file distributed with SD that should allow you to deploy a tgz from the command-line. Extract the files from the 'lib' subdirectory of the /ext/cbr/eclipse/plugins/ file and do:

$ java -jar deployclient.jar

One or more mandatory options are missing

java AppDeployClient -host hostname -port port_num -appFile appfile -appName appname -user user -passwd passwd

You may be able to use this by invoking from ant via an exec task.
Let me know if this helps.

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