Availability on Linux 3

Availability on Linux 3

The emulator refuses to run on Linux 3.0 or 3.1, claiming that "E:3.1 is not a supported linux release". Since it works just fine on 2.6.39, I see no reason that it shouldn't work just fine on 3.*. Since you read /proc/version instead of using uname(2), there's no way for me to work around this problem except rebooting with an older kernel.

Linus has unkind things to say about doing version checks like this (whether using /proc/version or uname(2)), and I agree.Could you please remove this check in the next version?
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We have this fixed internally (it was a pin issue, not SDE proper) and need to make an external release. Hopefully soon. There was a pin bug with the VDSO change in linux 3.0.x (and that required a pin fix), but I'm told it was to be removed it in 3.1 because it broke something else (UML, IIRC).

Just posted 4.46. Please give it a try and let me know if you have better luck.


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