Function symbols in the histogram

Function symbols in the histogram

I noticed that when I do a histogram on a Java application, the execution in the Java application threads can be a mixture of JITted code and the underlying JVM code. For the JITted code, the histogram tool doesn't know how to map an address to a symbolic function name. However, the JVM itself can output the limits for the JITted methods in a number of ways. Would it be possible to have a "symbol lookup plugin" that the histogram tool would call to get a map an address to a function name when it's unable to get the name from a static image?

I noticed that for hot basic blocks it is possible to postprocess and add the symbol names, but this doesn't help the per-function statistics.

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Seems like any such support would be very specific to your application.

If you are not using new instructions, you could write your own version of the mix tool from a publicly released pin kit. An older simpler version of a mix-like program is provided there.

Right, that's why I suggested a plug-in which would allow the symbol lookup to be different for different application environments.

But I will try to take a look at the public release.

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