Programatically Starting the MIx

Programatically Starting the MIx

Is there a way to not start collecting the ignore the mix histogram until a certain point, say by making a call or executing a certain instruciton from the Program? This would be useful for example in a program which may only be interested in the histogram when it knows a steady state has been reached.

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Yes. There are a bunch of ways to do this. If you run "sde -thelp" and look at the "SDE Controller knobs" you'll see some of your options.. You can use -start-itext and then list 15B of hex. Or your can use -start-address and give an address. You might have to start a block or two earlier. We don't check the triggers on every instruction for efficiency. We also use an infrequent seqeunce of two instructions BB xx xx xx xx 64 67 90 where The "x" sequence represents a 32b payload that we can look for. Those are called "ssc markers". But you must exercise caution as the first instruction overwrites, ebx, a commonly used register.

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