For Mac?

For Mac?


I've installed the Intel Compiler 11.1 on my Mac (Snow Leopard) in order to use AVX instructions.

It compiles ok.

Then I've looked for a Intel Software Develoment Emulator for Mac, but it is only available for Windows and Intel.

So I thought that it would be possible to run my program with the Intel Debugger using the command linebut it fails as soon as a avx instruction comes. It says: "Program received signal SIGILL".
I'm actually wondering if this debugger really handles the avx instructions, because it doesn't seem to do so.

How thus can I emulate the avx instructions on a Mac machine?

Thank you for help

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Hi, we currently do not have a vesion of Intel SDE for mac due to resource limitations in the Intel Pin development team.

We released our first mac version today: 5.31. It works with OS X versions 10.6 and 10.7. We have 10.8 support in development.

Give it a try!

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