XED2 vs Objdump : which one is better ?

XED2 vs Objdump : which one is better ?


meanwhile I'm working with both XED2 and Objdump, i was wondering what's the difference between them in terms of dissassembly capability and precision? I know that Objdump is  a 1-to-1 disassembler, but i seems that XED2 also belongs to that category? so again, what makes XED2 more robust than Objdump? I still don't get this point. If anyone has some knowledge to share, then I would please if you could include references to some materials that I can look at. 



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Hard for me to comment on objdump. Before writing XED, I used objdump a lot but have not used it in a long time.  I've added some stuff to XED to try to better cope with some of the fundamental challenges of decoding the instruction set. Often data-in-code will through off the decoding.  I've seen that with all x86 disassemblers. XED uses symbols if available to resynchronize its instruction pointer.

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