better MPX statistics from SDE

better MPX statistics from SDE


I am trying to evaluate the MPX instrumentation performed by the MPX-enabled gcc. My goal is to count the number of executed instructions like BNDLDX and BNDCU. Currently I found only one way to do that: run SDE with  -mpx_trace_ins all and then grep the HUGE resulting text file. The switch -mpx_stats produces statistics which I can not interpret. Do you have any explanations of the output of -mpx_stats?

What I need is something like this:

   2061679 BNDSTX
  10164003 BNDMK
  18486202 BNDLDX
  72090239 BNDMOV
 338241718 BNDCL
 340688594 BNDCU

If curious, here is my current analysis of MPX:

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Hi, run "sde -mix" (in addition to whatever args you are using for MPX) and you'll get a histogram of all instructions (among other things) in a file sde-mix-out.txt.

Mix has a lot of output. The final histogram in the file is the global dynamic histogram (all threads) which is what most people want to start with.

Mark, thank you!

-mix is what I need. I wonder, is it documented anywhere on the MPX-related pages?

sde has many features that you may find useful documented on the main page.

The page is very long so we tried to put the mpx stuff on a page by itself.  

Apologies if that ended up being more confusing.

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