updated server to SLES 11 - compilers won't install

updated server to SLES 11 - compilers won't install

I keep getting the error registration failed for unknown reason when trying to install my c++ compilers. I'm not sure if these
need a flexlm license file - can someone please contact me so I know what I need to do to get this complete.


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Do you mean that the Intel License Manager for FLEXlm* [flexlm.Linux.EL3.tar.gz] which you where using on SUSE* Linux Enterprise Server 10does not work on version 11?


If so, can you send us the debug log file? Did your host or server information change in between? Are you using the serial number ending with xxxx-xxxxxxCW ? [ Can you check if the contents of your license file, match the contents of the license file I just sent you?]

Can you remove any reference to the serial number, license file name or license file contents from the log file before you post here?

Thank You

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