Serial number problem

Serial number problem

I am faculty at Carnegie Mellon University.

I purchased the Intel Fortran Compiler 11.1 Professional Edition for Mac OS X Academic from Programmers Paradise last week.


My problem is that I cannot install it. The installation program does not accept the Serial Number provided in the box! It says: The Serial Number provided is not valid for this solution set.

My serial number is xxxx-xxxxxxxx - Intentionally hidden

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You will have to register your serial number at and you will receive a license file upon registration. You can try using the license file.

Please let me know the package you are using and the exact message you are seeing.

You serial number is valid for Intel Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Mac OS* X version 11.0


I am not sure what you mean by package.
I just insert the CD and start the installation program.

Also, I bought the ACADEMIC version!

After typing in the serial number, it says:

Invalid Serial Number
The Serial Number provided is not valid for this solution set.

Please try registering the serial number. You will receive an e-mail with links to the downloads and the license file. The license file should work with the current install you have on CD. If it doesn't you can download a new package from the link provided in the e-mail and let us know.


I have downloaded the latest version and the new installation program accepts my serial number.

But now I get a different error message:

Error while copying license file
Please make sure you have write permissions to the license folder.

My account has admin status! But the the program does not ask me for my admin password.

What can I do?

This is addressed in an article at

(Quick Answer - Assuming that you have a valid serial number or product license, the solution is to enable write permission for the directory Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses.


I'm trying to install "Intel® System Studio Ultimate Edition 2017" but I have had some problems with the Serial number. I'm sure that I'm using the correct serial number that was given to me when I downloaded the program. When I try to install the program using all the defaults, Ihave an error. It is: "Segmentation fault (core dumped)". Could some one help me with the error, please?

Hi Luis,

Thank your for contacting Intel Support. Please start a new thread and you will be answered promptly.

Noga - Intel Developer Support

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