FlexLM floating license issues on host Windows 2008 R2

FlexLM floating license issues on host Windows 2008 R2


I am having some problems setting up FlexLM on a windows server 2008 R2 64 bit machine. I believe the port used by flexLM does have access through the firewall,opened during FlexLM installation, but not sure how I can confirm this.

All the client computers are running 64 bit version of Windows 7.

Originally I followed the steps in the installation guide for installing flexLM on windows.

Additionally as we are using two floating licenses I followed the steps on the link below to combine into one license.


Next I followed the steps from the link below setting up on windows server 2008


However the client machines are not able to get access to the host machine.

The host machine is able to see its own license however I believe this is due to the setting within the environment variable.

I noticed when I searched that some of the earlier solutions indicated that I should use the 32 bit version of flexLM not the 64 bit version. But these posts were rather old April 2009 so I assumed that the 64 bit version should be ok now and I have installed the 64 version on the host.

Finally inwindows Services I noticed there are two services regarding FlexLM:

FLEXnet Licensing Services & FLEXnet Licensing Services 64

I was unsure why there are two but I started both of them but that does not seem to work.

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Add note from Shamla:


The same post was on the forum and I requested for the log file. The customer needs to be using the 32 bit version of the Flexlm Manager and not the 64 bit.

Thank You

Add Reply from Nima:

I uninstalled the64-bit version of FlexLM and attempted to install the 32-bit version however i received an error,please see attached image,indicating I cannot installthe 32 bit version.



Please look at section 6 of the guide and follow from step D and see if this resolves the issue


Downloadapplication/pdf licenseMgr4FLEXlm.pdf245.52 KB


I have followed the guide you have mentioned above and the following are the steps I have taken.

1. I have combined the licenses into one file as we are using two floating licenses.

2. I downloaded w_flm_p_1.0.011_ia32, and attempted to install for windows server 2008 R2

3. At this time I receive an error message that states: This install is supported on 32-bit Operating Systems Only.

This issue was fixed, with communications outside forum. Updating the forum so that any other users encountering the problem, can use the fix

1. The firewall was on and had to be switched off.

2. The license file on the server and the client had a mismatch which was fixed.

3. Not necessary to have the license file on the client - If you dont have one, you can create a license file on the client, with a SERVER hostname lmhostidUSE_SERVER command.

4. The Intel64 version of the flexlm license manager was installed.

Thank You


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