Floating license don't work with Solaris FlexLM server

Floating license don't work with Solaris FlexLM server

I have installed Compiler Suite with floating license. When compilingI get this error message:

Error: A license for CCompL is not avaliable (-8, 130).

The FlexLM server is working fine for other applications. It runs on Solaris 9 64-bit.

I reissued the license file, since the first I got had wrong hostname/ID.

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Which package of the compiler did you download for installing?

Did you restart the license server after changing the license file? Is the license file same in both server and the client? Did you change the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable to point to the right license file or port@host?

Can you run the chklic utility from the untarred compiler install directory and see if the message tells you what the issue is? (package_intel64/pset/chklic.em64t -c license filepath/name)

I can make this post private if you need to post the log file here. The next info I will need will be both the server and client log file.

Thank You


Thank you for the information.

The INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable was not pointing to the right license file.

Happy that the issue is resolved.


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