Fortran Licensing across a firewall.

Fortran Licensing across a firewall.


We're having some problems getting a client to see our license server. With many other license files there's usually 2 'ports' identified; 1) to allow access to the server and 2) the vendor daemon port. With the Intel license file I can't find any information about the vendor daemon. Is this required for Intel apps?
We're running on a Windows 2003 SP2 license server.



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Hi Mick,

If a license file has only one SERVER line, it is served by single license server. In a regular counted license file, you will have only one SERVER line followed immediately by a VENDOR line. In a 3-way redundant counted license file, you will have three SERVER lines followed immediately by a VENDOR line. Customers have the ability to specify options file in the VENDOR line.

For more details on options file, please refer to Macrovisions FLEXlm users Guide.

You can change the (VENDOR line: vendor options) in license file without breaking the signature.

License server uses the VENDOR line to get the following info:

Which vendor daemon should be used to serve this license file. For us, it is INTEL(.exe)

(Optional) the full path of the vendor daemon. If not specified, license server will look for INTEL (or INTEL.exe on Windows).

(Optional) where to get the additional options.

(Optional) the port number used for TCP connection between process lmgrd and INTEL. In very rare cases, the default port (OS specific) would be blocked for some reason, user can specify a new one by using this field.

Corey - thanks for the information I think you're getting to the solution I'm familiar with. Since I manage a bunch of different license filesI know that each Vendor daemon line can be different in it's syntax. Do you have the exact syntax that would be required for Intel? Somthing like: VENDOR Intel.exe port=1560

Hi Mick,

Like Corey mentioned earlier, he outlined the vendor line details we expect. Yes, what you have is the syntax expected. To reitterate, here's the vendor line syntax sample:

VENDOR INTEL /somepath/INTEL options=my_option.opt port=1234

The details on the above are in Corey's email. Let us know if you need any further info? All other details should be available in the user guide.


Thanks we're now up and running. The information in Corey's email was not as clear as it could be, but we figured it out and everything is good now.


Glad to hear Mick. I was wondering if I should point out again that you should look into the FLEXnet user manual and go to (page 63 or so in my 11.6.1 reference..) that fully gives the vendor line details.
But, now that it's resolved - we can as well put a closure on this :-) Appreciate your patience through this though...

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