Buying Intel C++ Compiler for windows

Buying Intel C++ Compiler for windows

Today I tried to purchase the "Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Windows*' but when it came to mention the billing address of the credit card, there was no option for country "India" in the drop down.

Please assist.

Thanks and Regards

Deepika Srivastava

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emmmm, this is strange.
Let me transfer you to the right forum for quick help.

Thanks for purchasing the compiler.


Hi Deepika,

Pardon the delay in responding. Just want to let youknow that I've submitted this issue to the BizExhange SW store folks, and someone from there may contact you. In addition, I'll update this thread as soon as I have any update. I'll keep monitoring this issue with the BizEx folks till this issue is resolved.
Appreicate your patience in the meantime.

Intel Developer Support

Hi Deepika,
I finally have an update for you from our Biz Exchange group. Due to certain internal taxation and export restrictions, the Intel Business Exchange Software Store is not authorized to sell direct to customer in India (and any other country not on that list). Customers in India or other countries must purchase indirectly from the normal channel resellers.

Intel has a network of authorized software product resellers around the world that should be able to immediately process your order. Visit the Intel Software Development Products Worldwide Reseller Finder to find a reseller in your area:

If you go to the Intel BX FAQs, it also lists the following:

From Intel BX FAQs also:

  • Where can I purchase Intel Software Development Products from outside the United States?
    Intel Business Exchange accepts orders originating from many countries around the world. Choose your location from the available countries. All orders must be purchased using a valid credit card. Electronic delivery only. If you do not find your country in this list,go to for a list of authorized distributors around the world.

Hope the above helps. And again, appreciate your patience and the delay in this response (due to issue transfer etc.) Last but not the least, we indeed appreciate your purchasing our product, thanks.


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