ICC single user license questions.. ( NFS )

ICC single user license questions.. ( NFS )

I have searched the forums and read a few other posts that more or less touch on this subject. However, none of them were 100% clear.

Is it legal to purcahse 2 single user licenses, place them both in the same license dir, and export that out VIA nfs. Then use that mount to do our testing, on different boxes?
Will it work if I export /opt/intel out to the 2 said work stations? Would this upset intel?


Joshua McDowell

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As a technical question, I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work, though I've never tried it. Simply having a copy of each license on each machine would definitely work.

On the legal side, the Single-User EULA allows the person to whom the license is registered can use it on any number of machines. So you should be fine, provided that the software is used only by those two users.



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