Parallel Composer Update 6?

Parallel Composer Update 6?

I received an email message announcing the availability of Parallel Composer Update 6. However, the link in the message does not appear to work. In particular:

This takes me to a page where I can download the FlexLM license manager. When I go to the list of my products I see Parallel Composer listed there with a link next to its name. However, that link also takes me to the same page where I can download the FlexLM license manager.

As an aside... I have no end of trouble navigating Intel's web site. I find it distinctly more difficult to find almost anything on it as compared to other sites I've visited. I made a note of this in one of the survey forms that tends to pop-up here and there.

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The links seems to work for me. Anyone else having this problem?

Any development on this? I still can't download the update... Is there an alternative place where I can get it?

If you are logged anywhere else on the intel site under a different password and id then the id to which the software is registered, you can't do the download.

1) clean out all your cookies, history, temp, junk folders and anyting else that might confuse intel's website.

Don't touch any kind of license file. I'm certain I don't need to write this, but DON'T TOUCH ANY KIND OF LICENSE FILE.

2) Log onto the intel download site by clicking the link at the top of the email that reads "Intel Software Developement Products Registration Center."
This shoud put you on the right page properly logged in.

3) The link you want, update 6, should be highlighted in blue in the center column next to the date april 23(?) 2010. That should take you to the down load page you want.

Well, that doesn't seem to work.

I logged out of the site and then told my browser (Firefox) to remove all history (everything). I clicked on the link in the email you mentioned and then logged in successfully. I was then looking at a page that showed "Intel Software Development Products Registration Center" as you described above. The link for update 6 was active, but when I click on it I'm brought to a place where I can download the FlexLM license manager. That link is

There is a list box on that page (upper left corner) that includes

FlexLM license manager
Intel Parallel Studio (all tools)
Intel Parallel Amplifier

I can select, for example, Intel Parallel Amplifier and download update 2 of that product. However, there is no selection for Intel Parallel Composer. The box looks scrollable, but the scrolling controls are greyed out suggesting that the list above is complete.

Can I get this update from my reseller somehow?

Hi pcc482719,

You are right. The link you provided in your first communication thread doesn't allow youto download a Composer update. That may be an issue with the Registration Center.

So please try all related links you are seeing under 'My Products' in the Intel Registration Center.

On the left hand row of the product list click on

'Intel Parallel Composer' (

or on

'Intel Parallel Studio' (

and try out whether one of themguides you to a validComposer Update 6 download link (file 'composer_update6_setup.exe').
Let me know what you found so that we can investigate the underlying issue with the Composer download.


Okay, here is what happens...

When I look over the list of my products, on the left hand side I see a link for Intel Parallel Studio. That link is

When I follow it I see a subscription history page. On the left there are links for Intel Parallel Studio (all tools) and below that links for the various components of Parallel Studio (Amplifier, Composer, Inspector). On the right there is a link that says "Download files" for each component. When I click on the "Download file" for composer I'm brought to

which is the same page I've seen before... no hint of Parallel Composer. The link on the left side of the page brings me to the same place.

Next I tried the link you provided in your message above. Namely:

This brings me to a page with the title "No Products found" with the message "No
Products found! If you haven't registered your products, please
register." Note that the check box labeld "Show Expired Serial Numbers" is checked.

So apparently the system believes I am not a registered user of Parallel Composer.

I should note that my account has been "corrected" in the past due to some confusion about my email address or some such. I forget the details, but I had problems before that were fixed after someone at Intel made some sort of change. Now I'm wondering if the change that was made was not entirely correct.

I should also note that I have two different serial numbers registered under my ID. One of them is a single license copy that I run on my laptop (that's the one I'm looking to update at the moment). The other is a classroom license that I use in my parallel programming course at Vermont Technical College. Both are academic licenses. When I originally purchased one (or both... I forget) I was told that I needed to use my academic email address... which I did. But for whatever reason things got switched around and now both licenses are registered under my GMail address... or perhaps not! Note that the email message I received about the composer update was sent to my GMail address.

Note that both licenses for Parallel Studio do show up in the list of my products (for example in my subscription history).

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