Updating Older Product...

Updating Older Product...

Hi - got a new machine on which all of my previous apps were NOT loaded - had to go back to the original CDs to install again (IVF 9.0 Proferssional) - from my previous e-mails, I believe, I am able to get up to version 9.1.037, upgraded through 9.1.028 (I have IMSL libraries), with my support good thru 4/2007...but I get in that "infinite loop" and can't even get at the old downloads...HELP!

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Could you please give a more detailed explanation regarding what is going wrong? What do you mean by "that 'infinite loop'"? Are you getting any error message?



Sorry - looking at some of the answers to the FAQ "How do I get an older version of an Intel Software Development Product?" (Published On : August 17, 2009 12:00 AM PDT):
it suggested to first register the product (done), login to the registration center (done), and then look at the products listed to select the appropriate "upgrade" - problem is when I complete steps 1&2 (as above) I receive info about version 10.2 only (current version) along with the note that my support has expired (which is true as of 3/2007) and I should consult "How do I get an older version of an Intel Software Development Product?", which results in the "infinite loop" - what I'm trying to do is bring my version (original 9.0) up to 9.1.037, which is the last "upgrade" available to me as of my support expiration (as detailed in an e-mail announcement from about that time) - in addition since I have the IMSL libraries installed, it indicates that I must install 9.1.028 first, since apparently that is the last "supported" version of those libraries within that product line...I hope that helps - I am trying to get "funds" to upgrade the license to current, but until that happens, i would at least like to get back to where I was...Thanks!

It seems that this is a known issue with the Intel Registration Center. Please log in to http://premier.intel.com and create a Premier Support issue requesting the specific product version you need. That should allow the Compiler Support Team to get you the files you need in the fastest, most secure manner.


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