OpenCL under Intel hardware ?

OpenCL under Intel hardware ?

Hi,Until today, we are fan of Intel products because they are really wonderful !But, I'm surprised that we see no OpenCL implementation ...We have a software that use OpenCL to run it under any kind of hardware, of course AMD provide an OpenCL implementation for x86 ... but it is not optimized for Intel hardware and of course they give the priority to their own hardware !Intel is able to create compilers, sometimes 2x or 3x faster than others one... so, why not an OpenCL driver ?It is very important for us to have an uniform language to run our software, I have see that a lot of peoples are also waiting for an OpenCL version from Intel.If someone from Intel can advice ?Thanks

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Thanks for your comments on the Intel tools!
Regarding OpenCL: You know that Intel is a Khronos member with significnat impact on OpenCL and is encouraged by OpenCL 1.1 evolution as a programming model for future support of Intel platforms. However, there are no Intel OpenCL impelementations available right now. The only advise I can give you is to monitor, the Intel platform for new product technologies. You may find Intel OpenCLproducts there in the future. I'm sorry that I cannot give you more information, but I hopethis helps.

Regards, Hubert.

We have announced in SIGGRAPH's OpenCL BOF that we will provide Alpha version of Intel OpenCL SDK by the end of this year. As Hubert wrote, it is expected to appear on
The OpenCL BOF slides are available here:


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