proble with registring my licence

proble with registring my licence

First I bought IVF 8 in 2006, then IVF 11 in december 2008.
Last July,I bought IVF 11.1 upgrade to have error traceback on W7.

But when I try to register my IVF 11.1 licence I get the following message

[246]We have experienced a critical system error.

A notice has been automatically generated to alert our staff. We will address this condition as soon as
possible. Please try again later, after we have had some time to make repairs.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue.
For Licensing and Registration help,Click Here.

The people who sold me the licence told me that only my 2006 licence is been take into account, and not the 2008 one.

I tried to download IVF 11.1 first mid-July and by mid-Sept it still does not work

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