FLEXlm license issues with --dumpversion

FLEXlm license issues with --dumpversion

Hi. I have a slightly frustrating problem, and I'm hoping that someone here might be able to provide me a solution. I have a multi-license copy of icc system on my network, and a license server so multiple people can build at once. This works exactly as expected (and properly).

However, I have a specific machine that's isolated from much of the network - specifically it cannot connect to the license server. I'm trying to run some builds/test on it with tools other than icc, but for some (frustrating) reasons, our build system (bjam) needs to stat/check the version of all of the compilers around. The machine in question has all the icc binaries, but grinds to a halt on the version checks. Specifically, it's trying to run:

icc -dumpversion
icc -dumpmachine
icc -print-prog-name=xiar
icc -print-prog-name=ranlib

All of which seem innocuous enough that they should be runnable without a connection to the license server, but instead hang for ~50 seconds before spitting out "Error: A license for CCompL is not available now (-15,570,115).", along with some more messages about the license server.

So my question is as follows: is there some easy way to get icc run these more simply? It seems like I shouldn't need a license server (or even internet connection) to check the version of a binary. I suppose I could do some kind of hack and wrap the binary in a shell-script to check for those arguments, but that seems pretty clunky for a version check. Ideas? Suggestions?

Much obliged!

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