Intel Atom processor CE4100 SDK

Intel Atom processor CE4100 SDK

Is this publicly available? I've been looking everywhere for it.

Specifically I want to cross-compile a kernel module for use on a device, and it would appear that the linux sourcecode and toolchain is only available inside this SDK?

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Dear customer,

development on the Intel Atom processor CE4100 and CE4200 is currently based on a custom Linux and FDK that is only provided to select accounts that work directly with OEMs developing for these platforms. Thus, this is not publicly available.

The Intel Embedded Software Development Tool Suite for Intel Atom Processor is a bundle of development tools (compiler, performance primitives, performance analyzer, application debugger ans JTAG Debugger) that have beenvalidated against the CE Linux builds and against the Intel Atom processor CE4xxx based platforms. This tool set is publicly available and an evaluation version can be downloaded from

Perhaps you can tell me a bit more about your board configuration and the software stack that you are running on your platform as well as the type of software you would like to develop. I should then be able to help you assess whether this tool suite is what you are looking for.

Else you will probably need to get in touch with your AE or FAE to get access to the base software stack first.

Thanks, Rob

I'm just looking to compile a kernel module for use on a device running CE4100 (a Boxee Box by D-Link). Please could you point me at the kernel source tarball, which is provided in the SDK, but which is covered by GPL?

We're trying to get in touch with the appropriate group to get a response to your question and will update you accordingly. Appreciate your patience till then.

Apparently what was suggested is for me to let you know that you'll have to contact your Intel Field Application Representative or Application Engineer who can work on your request accordingly which is the
correct process it seems (the request is handled through FAE). Unfortunately, we're not in a position to do that ourselves, just FYI.

I don't have a Field Application Representative or Application Engineeras far as i'm aware. How do I get in touch with one?

Yes I understand you may not. Only a company or if you are already a direct customer of Intel you would have been assigned a FAE.

The only other alternative (per info I received) was to suggest you to contact dLink directly. Appreciate your patience through this.


Hello Kittur,
do Intel representatives have understatding that this approach means violation of GPL license and copyright laws?
Are they prepared for legal action from copyright holders regarding this issue?


Looks like there's some confusion on this. You'll be contacted offline on this to get more details and clarify accordingly. In the meantime, I'll close this thread as this forum is really meant for any download, registration and licensing issues tied to compilers and performance analysis tools.
Again, appreciate your patience and you'll be contacted offline, thanks.


Hi Kittur

I am also looking to get hold of the CE4100 SDK and I do not have a representative. How do I get hold if it?


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