Fail to install

Fail to install


I'm trying to installparallel studio sp1 under windows 7 x64 and I have VS2010 Ultimate (student's licence) but it fails with the following error:

Intel Parallel Studio installation will end

Microsoft Visual Studio* software is not installed on this system.
Installation will end because this product must integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005 or 2008 software.
Suggestion: Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 or 2008 software on this system, or install this product on a compliant system.

What could be the problem? Could it be the fact that my licence is from anMSDN Academic Alliance?


Nuno Silva

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Hi Nuno,

Intel Parallel Studio 2011 supports VS2010. Your version of Parallel Studio doesn't support VS2010. More details about Intel Parallel Studio 2011, see

Thank you.
Feilong H.
Intel Developer Support

Tools Knowledge Base:

Thanks, its working now. :)

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