hardware change -> single user to be re-licensed?

hardware change -> single user to be re-licensed?

I'd like to reinstall (a well licensed) Visual Fortran Composer on a new machine.
There's no button "modify host information" in the registration center, maybe because it's a SingelUser License

Do I have to renew the license file ? How would I do that?

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In case of a single-user license there is no need to change anything on the license file. Just use the same license file for installation on another machine. But please make sure the EULA is observerd, i.e. only the licensee can use the software once ata time, but he may use it on different machines.
If it turns out it's not a single-user licnese, let me know the serial number. In that case, please make the thread private. Thanks.
Regards, Hubert.

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