Error in running Intel Debugger IDB

Error in running Intel Debugger IDB

I have an issue. I compiled my fortran code with the following command
$ ifort -mcmodel medium -shared-intel xyz.f (the additional arguments to make space for more stack)

it compiles well and gives out a.out

now when I call idb

$ idb a.out

the GUI opens but there is an error - Error: could not start debugee
could not start process for a.out
No image loaded....Recovering.....

Can anyone tell the problem ? ... when i compile my code without
additional memory allocation as stated above ..everything works ...but
not after that...... would be grateful if someone can shed some light

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This forum specifically handles issues related to downloads, licenses, and install failures.I believe your issue should be handled on one of the Fortran forums. Please submit it there. Here are the forums:




Thank you very much for notifying me the right forum. Will post it there.

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