Composer XE for Linux* Single Academic Licensing Issues

Composer XE for Linux* Single Academic Licensing Issues

Hi there,

May I ask two questions:

1. Is Intel Composer XE for Linux* Single Academic License suitable for HPC Cluster?
2. Are researches suitable for academic license?

Thanks for your time!

Best regards,

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The toolset for Cluster developmentwould be the Intel Cluster Studio since it comes with suitable tools (MPI, Trace Analyzer) that are missing in the Composer XE. Of course, applications can be developed with a single-user Composer XE installation that will run on Cluster machines. I'm not sure what the background of your question is. Could you please specify if my answer is not sufficient.
Not sure about your second question too. An academic license includes the full functionality of a Composer XE (e.g.), there is no restriction in creating any kind of applications. What's the background of this question?
Regards, Hubert

Hi Hubert,Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your time first! The cluster is interconnected by ethernet channel and currently runs GNU C compiler, OpenMPI and MPICH2 supported. Since we are going to seek the benefits of an optimized compiler for Intel and would like to know the Single Academic License of Composer XE is suitable for a cluster or not. From your reply, I am not sure that aboutComposer XE, did you mean it cannot compile and run MPI program?Best,Jacky

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