How to get my Fortran back again?

How to get my Fortran back again?

Hello -

I upgraded my system to Windows 7, but the old installations had to be purged.
I still have the projects and source files.

So, I understand I can somehow get my Fortran !2.0 XE back again, but I can't figure out
how to do that?

The downloads I saw did not include VS 2008. I need to get that back also.
Can you coneect me with someone who can help?

Thanks; Bill Sinclair

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Log in to the Intel Registration Center. There it will show you the licenses you have registered. Click on the one for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011. You'll then be shown a set of downloads - pick the first one.

Retired 12/31/2016

It doesn't show ANY products registered for me.
IDID register the Fortran 12.0 XE when I bought it.

It did say "expired password," then
wanted my first and last names again.

Does that have any bearing on this?

Yours; Bill
BTW, if I use it on two separate computers, do I need a license for each one?

You do not need a separate license for two computers for any of Intel's developer tools. I looked up the email address you use in this forum and found an active Academic license for the compiler. I am going to move this thread to the Registration, Licensing and Download forum where you will get help from specialists in that area.

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Hi -

I finally figured out the problem.

My products are under a different login than the usual one I log into the forums with.

I was finally able to find my products, and I did manage to download the Fortran 12 XE again.

The other one was on a different computer (temporary)while mine was being upgraded.

So, now I have two copies. According to Steve, this is legit,
and my license covers both.

Thanks for your help -

Yours; Bill Sinclair

Your welcome,

Steve is correct. This is legit as long as you are the only user. Would you like me to transfer your licenses to this login?


Sure, go ahead. But I noticed the login does not have the "@" sign from my E-mail.
Does that cause any problems?

Yours; Bill


What you are referring to is the "Display Name" for the forums. If you have not set one, the forum uses your email address with the @ removed, but it still knows your email address. You may want to set a better display name which you can do by clicking on your name next to "Welcome", above, and editing your preferences.

When I looked for your licenses I used the email address for the login you used in the first post, and found your licenses. I did not realize that you had a separate registration account where you were looking.

Retired 12/31/2016

So, I am confused.

Which login are you going to keep?

Maybe this one, since its easier to type in.

You are going to keep thislogin, the one with the display name billsincl.


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