Intel Parallel Studio XE Trial where is Advisor?

Intel Parallel Studio XE Trial where is Advisor?


Just downloaded the Intel Parallel Studio XE Trial, and in the front page it says it has Intel Parallel Advisor but when I install it is not there. What's up with that?

Is Advisor part of the Intel Parallel Studio XE or not?

Can I install Advisor separately? Is it licensed separately? If so WHY?

Because on the main page of XE I see: "Develop parallel applications the easy way with Intel Parallel Advisor. This threading assistant tool for C/C++ Microsoft Visual Studio* developers provides a step-by-step proposal that simplifies transitioning serial applications to parallelism. Now available with the purchase of Windows* versions of Intel Parallel Studio XE or Intel C++ Studio XE parallel software development suites."

Intel Parallel Studio XE includes these industry-leading components:

But it's not there...

If it's part of the product why does it need to be installed separately? Can't you update the installer to install everything in one simple step?

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