How to turn off e-mail notifications

How to turn off e-mail notifications

This post will probably get me yelled at but oh well ... How do you turn off e-mail notifications of new threads? I don't mind notifications of replies to a thread I started; however, I don't want e-mail notifications everytime a someone else starts a thread or has it replied to. I did look under the "Admin" link above but I can't find where to turn these off.Thanks,Bill

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Hi Bill,

I think that you have probably subscribed the forum. After logging in, please go to There is a checkbox in the header of the forum threads. Uncheck it. Now you won't receive any notifications of new threads/posts. Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Feilong H.
Intel Developer Support

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Thanks Feilong!! I saw that I was indeed subscribed to this particular forum. I unchecked the box; now let's see if all the e-mails stop :)Thanks again,Bill

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