30-day evaluation expired after 24 hours

30-day evaluation expired after 24 hours

I downloaded and installed C++ Studio XE. I've tried many things including some tutorials and all was fine but suddenly I couldn't compile. It said it couldn't find lmtools. I rebooted my machine and that didn't help. I looked for something in services and I couldn't find lmtools or any other Macrovision process that might have stopped.

I installed a Parallel Studio update where it asked again for the serial number (and I could click the evaluate radio button) and now it's all working fine again. I'm concerned it will expire on me again tomorrow. Has anyone else had this problem, or any suggestions how to better handle it?

I received a license file with the email showing from where to download. The email never told me what to do with the file and the installation process never asked for it. Am I supposed to place that file somewhere?


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You should have also received a serial number along with the license file. If you give the installer the serial number when prompted it will store a copy of the license file on your system. For a typical Windows installation this would be at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses

For Linux:


You can also point the installer to the license file you received and it will copy the file to those directories.

If you attach your license file to this forum thread, I'll take a look at it to see why it appears to be expired.


When I ran the update, I again clicked the "use evaluation" button instead of the "enter serial number" button (I can't remember their exact names). So far everything is working and it has lasted more than 24 hours, so I'll leave it alone.

If it stops working I'll try entering a serial number from my license file, and if that doesn't work I'll post again.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.

PS: I really like the results I'm getting from some early experiments with your tool set.

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